At Rehab & Relaxation, we have a dynamic team of highly educated, licensed, cross-trained professionals, with backgrounds in a number of medical, alternative and complementary disciplines.

Licensed Physical Therapist (PT)
Physical therapists are specialists in evaluating and treating disorders of the human body primarily by physical means. Our PT’s have completed their undergraduate level of study, graduate level of study, and have received state licensure. They have practiced both in private and in health care institutions alike. Our physical therapists specialize in evaluating and treating disorders of the physical body. They look beyond the area acutely affected by the injury, surgery or illness, and to the other parts of your body that compensate for loss of movement. They factor in ways to ensure you do not experience secondary problems. After they evaluate and determine your physical therapy goals, they create a treatment plan. They then implement and monitor your physical therapy program. All programs include patient and family education. Our physical therapists consult and work closely with your physicians, surgeons and other healthcare practitioners, in establishing treatment objectives which are realistic and consistent with patient needs.

Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA)
Our physical therapy assistants have a strong interest in the healing arts and work in tandem with our professional PT team. They bring fresh perspective and the most current academic theory to our studio and are welcome additions to our team. Often they help patients exercise, learn to use supports, and prepare therapy equipment. Once your treatment plan has been created, the physical therapist assistants help the PTs in providing the treatment that will improve patient mobility, relieve pain, and increase physical independence.

Exercise Physiologist
Clinical Exercise Physiologists work under the direction of a physician in the application of physical activity and behavioral interventions in clinical situations (hospitals, health care facilities, cardiology practices) that have been scientifically proven to provide therapeutic or functional benefit. In addition, exercise physiologists manage programs that assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for apparently healthy individuals and those with controlled disease. They may focus on specialties such as cardiology, sports medicine, respiratory or physical therapy. This may include risk identification, and rehabilitation in conjunction with other health professionals who provide rehab programs. They often teach courses for students of medicine, physiology, and other health related fields.

Acupuncturist MS, Lac
Acupuncturists work primarily with energy and its flow. In addition to being facile and adept at energy medicine, our acupuncturist specializes in musculoskeletal conditions and is adept at working with trauma, whether from an injury or surgery.

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
Balance is the key in correcting and healing conditions or injuries. Our chiropractor is highly inspired and trained in multiple disciplines. She brings many years of training and professional experience to the practice. Her expertise reaches across disciplines, culling the treatments that will best balance a patient.

Massage Therapist
Our licensed massage therapists use several different techniques in the practice of soft tissue manipulation with physical, functional, and in some cases psychological benefits. Massage involves acting on and manipulating the body with pressure. Our therapists like to incorporate moist heat, including hot stones, when treating patients. Massage therapy promotes healthy circulation, range-of-motion, deep breathing, enhances immunity, and mental clarity. It naturally reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Registered dietician (RD)
A licensed RD is a food and wellness expert that offers the most credible source of nutritional information. Our dietician assesses your daily food intake, waist to hip ratio, exercise regimen, age, and weight in order to make her nutritional recommendations. A body percent fat scale provides additional information regarding resting metabolic rate, muscle mass, visceral fat, and actual age vs. chronological age to supplement an understanding of one's body in order to meet short and long term client goals

Certified Reflexologist
Reflexoloy is extremely helpful for instigating movement and healing at the level of the nervous system and organs. It is an excellent way to introduce energy medicine and massage. Our reflexologists are able to read the patient’s responsivity, and treat him / her at the pace that they are best able to respond, assisting patients to participate in and manage their healing. Reflexologists study for a period of 6-12 months. During that time they work under the supervision of a certified master Reflexologist. Upon completion of study, they pass an exam for certification.